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Blitz Blend

Blitz Blend

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Blitz Blend 

🏈 Fourth Quarter Focus: As the stadium lights shine brightest in the final moments, our dark roast stands out with its bold, deep flavor. It's as intense and memorable as the final plays that define a game.

🍫 End Zone Euphoria: Delve into the rich, chocolaty undertones of our blend, reminiscent of the sweet victory after a touchdown drive. It’s a deep dive into flavor, echoing the depths of college football passion.

🌱 Tactical Roasting: Like the precision of a coach's game plan, our roasting process is meticulously crafted to emphasize the bean's inherent richness, offering you a robust experience akin to the game's adrenaline-pumping moments.

🔍 Defensive Depth: Dive into layers of flavor with smoky hints, subtle spices, and robust finishes – as intricate and well-executed as a defensive line standing firm against the opposition.

💡 Halftime Warm-up: Whether you're gearing up for kickoff or reflecting during halftime, our dark roast serves as the ideal companion, recharging your spirits with its powerful caffeine kick.

In Every Cup... ...there’s the echo of roaring crowds, the thrill of pivotal plays, and the camaraderie of fans united. Our dark roast isn't just a coffee; it's a tribute to the heart and soul of college football. 🏈🍵

Fuel Your Game Day Passion with Dark Roast Dominance. Experience the Deep Roast, Deep Passion Blend Today.

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