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Kickoff Blend

Kickoff Blend

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Kickoff Blend: Set the Tone With A Perfect Coffee Kick!

🏈 First Quarter Freshness: Just as the opening moments of a game set the tone, our light roast coffee captures the first essence of the bean, bright and full of potential. 

🍋 Pregame Zest: Dive into the vibrant and zesty notes of our blend, mirroring the electrifying atmosphere during pregame rituals. It’s a celebration of nuances, echoing the excitement of fans streaming into the stadium.

🌄 Dawn Breaks & Beans Awaken: Every sunrise marks a new day in college football and a fresh chance for glory. Similarly, our lightly roasted beans showcase the dawn of flavors, offering you a cup as hopeful and refreshing as a new game day.

🌱 Playbook Precision: Our roasting technique is like a well-designed playbook - strategic, pinpointed, and focused on bringing out the bean's authentic character. It's a meticulous process that yields flavors as unexpected and delightful as a trick play.

🔍 Offensive Elegance: Embark on a flavor journey with delicate fruity undertones, floral hints, and a swift finish – as graceful and well-orchestrated as an offensive play slicing through the defense.

💡 Morning Tailgate Companion: Kickstarting your day or prepping for the big game, our light roast is the perfect early bird companion, offering a gentle caffeine touch to uplift and inspire.

In Every Cup... ...there’s the promise of a new day, the optimism of a fresh start, and the unity of fans ready to rally. Our light roast isn't just a coffee; it's a salute to the hopeful beginnings of every college football match. 🏈🍵

Begin Your Game Day with Light Roast Kickoff. Sip the Fresh Start Blend Today.

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